Feb 14, 2011

fashion credits - lady gaga/ grammys 2011/ born this way performance

lady gaga wears MUGLER
dancers wear MUGLER in collaboration with HAUS OF GAGA

fashion director nicola formichetti
hair sam mcknight
make up val garland

styling assistant brandon maxwell

special thanks to perry meek and the haus of gaga


ladiga said...


Manayer said...

Nicola you are such an inspiration to young aspiring fashion designers and your collaboration with Hussein Chalayan is outstanding. Lady Gaga is so lucky to have such motivating, creative, and limitless friends like you and the HAUS. Congratulations on all your success! Never stop creating, without your art and vision we would be living in a monochromatic world...and some of us are fond of the rainbow.
I hope to one day meet you all and properly praise your art..I don't think this does any justice to how proud we are of you guys.

Manayer alhendi
@manayeralhendi twitter :D

b´´´ said...

looks like a yellow version of carmen san diego lol
classy, vintage, futurist, jem and holograms, gagamugler is great!

Andrea said...



Anonymous said...

Do you know who made the eggs?

Dana said...

Three of the pieces worn by her troupe were made by The Baroness here in NYC.

Laurieann Gibson was wearing a transparent gown and two of the four men bearing the star in her egg sported latex shorts by The Baroness.

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I hope to one day meet you all and properly praise your art..I don't think this does any justice to how proud we are of you guys.2945abc45 0223

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Lady Gaga had rock the world of many music lovers. Maybe she is a fashion lover because of her unique styles on wearing her wardrobe. No wonder that many love her as a singer.

Unknown said...

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