Sep 20, 2010




Julio Cortez said...

Shut it down, mami.
"If you don't like it, go home."

Anonymous said...

revolution, revolution and revolution.
FUCK YEA! Ultimately well said.


Oricale Heart said...


Eric Glaser said...

Despite how sickened and profoundly disappointed I am that DADT was not repealed today, the blow to my heart and soul is significantly lessened to know that the GLBT community finally has a strong, powerful, influential. intelligent, and relentless warrior, Lady Gaga,at our side, to educate the public and demand equality for all human beings.

The fight for our freedoms is not over, and it won’t be over tomorrow or even next year, but I am heartened and grateful to know that Gaga is most definitely going to be at the front lines of this battle right alongside us until justice is served. We will not give up, or shut up, until we truly have EQUAL rights: to serve this country, to marry who we love, and to be fully free to be our beautiful and loving selves. Until we have these fundamental rights that this country was founded on, then the notion of the United States of America being a free country with equal protections for ALL is quite simply a farce and an ugly and cruel lie.

I applaud Gaga,and respect her for so many reasons. When the future looks back on history, I am pretty sure that her role in the gay right’s movement will prove to be her biggest and grandest achievement, because her humanitarian efforts are far more incredible and impressive than the hundreds (or thousands) of awards that she is bound to deservedly win and far more important than all the world records she is breaking and will break in the future…because at the end of the day, all that really matters is love and how we treat one another and ourselves.

We lost the fight today, but it’s only a setback, and this setback will serve to make us angrier, louder, and hence stronger and more powerful. It also serves to remind us that we cannot afford to be silent, or complacent. Indeed, to quote Bob Dylan, “The Times They Are a-Changin’”..the wheels are in motion and there is no going backward, only forward.

Prior to Gaga, the last true gay right’s leader that comes to mind was the late great Harvey Milk, who often said, “You’ve got to give them hope!” Well, Gaga's efforts efforts give me hope for our future and is the bright light in this dark cloud of hatred!!!

Eric Glaser
HissyFIT! Fashions

rugons said...

Nicola: What is GaGa wearing?

el cajon condo said...

im with you eric. it is so good to have such a great, influential figure, who is standing up for whats right! Lady gaga is my hero!

Elmira said...

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