Aug 1, 2010



Zoe said...

sesame street meets 60's gore?
love theses (L)

Juanci JuacĂ­n said...

Nice, really nice...and creative!...congrats ;) that rings are sooo cute!!!

Roman said...

OMG Nicola, those are so fucking great!! I want! :p

"coy" colleen said...

these. are. awesome.

thwany said...


Anonymous said...

these are fuckin rad dude!! Yo kiero uno!


JellyBen said...

These rings is really cool.

Anonymous said...

the best shop in tyo bu the visit made me feel old ....

Joe said...

These remind me of Pee Wee's Play house creatures. That he had in is revolving toy chest.

Kazuko said...

lovely :)

chrisjinkim said...

These are so crazy cool. haha I want one.


Jared said...

Want so bad but my parents are in dept so I gave my money to them :/ I'll buy one when 1. They come back in to stock and 2. I have money.

Jared said...

Nicola honey, would you happen to know where I could get the eyeball and frog rings not directly from CANDY? They sold out. Idk If I could find like someone selling theirs or something, from Japan. Know of any place I might see them? My email is used as my URL C:

Miss Geisterhausen said...

I want one of this fucking ring! They looks so awesome! XD

Aurora Crowley said...


Angel*ne said...

Those rings are so cute!!

Unknown said...

knuckle rings are my weakness

human for human's sake

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