Jul 8, 2010





M said...

wow these costumes are sooo amazing.
It's like you need to improvise because you don't have the money or the connections to get these custom made designer pieces.

and that's what we, the little monsters, are doing. always finding a way to look fierce and creative.

these pictures are the perfect pictures to describe that.

Anonymous said...

hey thats me .... yay i loved meeting terry

Anonymous said...

fuck yea!! I love it all



Laura. said...

love love it!

gotta stay creative!


Prad Savania said...

So Fetch! lol


thwany said...

haha cute

Michael Staffieri said...

OMG! I had no idea my photo outside the mens room was being taken by a the brilliant Terry Richardson! I am honored!

Stéphane Von Brach said...

Like this article :)


Anonymous said...

Awesome article, If you need some funky pictures taken I use a Photographer in Durban South Africa called Tareen Photography, she always manages to hit the spot

Anonymous said...

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Seat Penny Auction said...

So interesting dresses. Love to see the bizarre.

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