Jun 18, 2010





Nickque said...

so sad : ( x

Maia said...

Such an amazing person

Anonymous said...

Wow I can't believe it.

S_Takahisa said...

Nice styling

Dylana Suarez said...

This is very sad. RIP Tom.

Just came across your blog!

It is lovely!


thwany said...

i read about him, so sad.

and great styling in these photo, tom looks great.

Anonymous said...

this is soo dope


hubert said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
hubert said...

Your blog is really interesting, I invite you to my blog!

Gillian Gardner said...

Love your client love your work. Hey, if you ever need Vegas feel for your client I would love to provide threads.

Geison said...

I love your work. And the way you see the beauty. I believe you're a true artist. I live in Brazil and I am an independent filmmaker. We will soon begin producing a series for the internet called LIFE about people dealing with mental illness and trauma. The sad reality of these people be contrasted with dreams and daydreams about their internal issues. One of the characters is a vocalist of local band who suffered abuse in childhood and has an unhealthy relationship with different ways of sex. He is a potential suicide. But from the beginning of a relationship with a boy who admires his work, he will find other ways to relate to love.
All your work brings me back to dreams and reveries of this character. It would be a pleasure to promote the meeting of our arts. I believe that cinema can be more than entertainment, it can be best friends with a lonely person because it shows possibilities of life without ever judging.
Visit our website www.pensamentosfilmados.com
Congratulations on your work.

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Pergola Construction said...

Cool! Kinda Fantasy Shots! Nice.

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Stylistic! Great shot!

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Post some more fantasy shots. Lots love this kind too. Wow!

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Fanciful and dreamy pictures! You are always good at almost anything.

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