Apr 17, 2010



Andrea said...

Amazing Style!

Cory said...

Hahaha awesome.


The Twins said...

Wowowee!!! That looks amazing, She kept the Headdress with her. That's cute.

Oleg Kirsanov said...



Maggie said...

I saw these before and LOVED THEM! I twittered them to gaga yesterday so I hope she sees them!

Burcin said...

Always one step forward those japanese girls, ahah I adore them!!

Unknown said...

ra ra ra rarara!

little monsters!!!

Annie said...

could japanese people be cooler??! Only if they stopped killing whales, maybe ;)

Anonymous said...

HA?? Annie die!!!!!!!!!

killing whales?????????????who CAre

Bluefemme said...

These girls are too cute! These are the type of people I would like to see everyday!http://www.justme-bluefemme.blogspot.com/

lstewart said...

nothing beats the chibi gagas http://joapa.blogspot.com/search/label/chibi%20gaga

Laura. said...

i saw all the pics from outside the 2 concerts amazing outfits!!!


Milan said...


Junko said...

Thank you so much for choosing our pic:)

We went all 4 shows during she was in Japan.

We put stones on our jacket's back that says "Little Monsters" immitating Gaga's tatoo.

Luckly we got to show off our outfits to Gaga:):)

by the way we never agree with killing whales...!!

Snappylifestyle said...

Hilarious! Love the fact that the disney t-s are back in. I can now wear mine out in public again! Very snappy!
snappy x

D said...
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D said...

Lol, how cute!


Gonzalo said...


Gonzalo said...


Fabulously Lazy said...

This is insane! I love it!

megumonster said...

thank u for choosing our photo.when we saw ur blog, sooo happy i could die.

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:) Awesome style, I find it cute!

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These women from Japan is never late in fashion!

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Trendy women!

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