Apr 27, 2010




Unknown said...

love agyness!

Cory said...

Great styling but I'm personally bored with Agyness.

Edwina Bulfrage said...

I agree with Cory, ehh Agyness

50two said...

I am also often bored with people I've never met.

M said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Alice said...

I really love Agyness hair style.
Yay for UT!


Naddy Sane said...

exciting. fabulousness


nad xxx

Gizney said...

Mushroom top hair - So adorable.

Glowing Doll said...

love the T-shirts but then UT is always great.

I'm assuming Emily is her non-model little sister or something?

Anonymous said...

Her sister adopted her fake last name huh? I don't think the gimmick is gonna work as well a second time...

Anonymous said...


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Cute outfits! Love it!

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