Feb 19, 2010




stylespotterfashionblogger said...

You are the most amazing stylist ever!!! This cover is great!

C A said...

Give me more! lol

Anonymous said...

What a great great image. Haven't bought a new magazine in months, but this will be the one. Well done Hedi, adding something to your aesthetic and making it stronger.

Anonymous said...

not impressed so far...

Nathaniel said...

So cool! You win for best stylist in my book, haha :)


Jules said...

Wow! Awesome! ;D Give it a hit! Lol ;D

The Brown Mestizo

Anonymous said...

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R. Gratz said...

I can't wait for the rest of the issue! This is such a powerful vision of a cover. I need more, stat.

Unknown said...

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