Jun 8, 2009

in tokyo with gaga!!

lady gothic lolitaaaa gagaaa!!


Lucy said...

She's amazing... so surprising, she reminds me of Madonna and her ability to play with styles and to set fashions.
Lucy =)

Tom said...


AaronSM said...


RCXY said...

go gaga go!

Nick Leonard said...

Woo, Gaga! Love that whole outfit.

Billy Kidd said...

oh lady Gaga... can you be ugly so i'm not attracted you you anymore.. RAH!

Fashion Hayley said...

So unfair...I used to live in Tokyo and I heard you were both at a party with all my friends last night...I LOVE Gaga, and I LOVE you, right now I am dying.

plastic said...


Jules said...

She is so cute! Love her voice too.=) Thanks for sharing, have a nice day.=)

A Writers Den
The Brown Mestizo

The swedish fanblog about Lady Gaga said...

she is soo cute,love everything about her.

Antonio Barros said...

Hahahha! She looks soooo funny!

amosov/teloev said...


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