Jun 11, 2009

in tokyo with gaga - day 2

today she did hello kitty goth lolita in red!


Xhosa said...

honto ni honto lady gaga?!

Anonymous said...


Fun to see her on this Japanese news program.

Agn├Ęs et Matilde said...

ah funny!

Go to see my post on http://isawyoulookatme.blogspot.com

there is your friend J. Beech and his tatoo in it.


Unknown said...

Oh my, what o love..She's so cute with hello kitty. and her dress, adorable. Thanks for sharing. Have a great weekend.;D

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Fashion Hayley said...

Lady Gaga does Goth Lol? Goth Lol is so 1999. She should have gone as "fairy kei" ala Spank!

Anonymous said...

Is Lolita but not goth. Goth Lolita's wear black

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before marriage said...

She should have gone as "fairy kei" ala Spank!

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Thanks for sharing. Have a great weekend.;D

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Goth Lolita's wear black.

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Fun to see her on this Japanese news program.

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