Mar 15, 2009

Li Wei


Lucy said...

This is just great. It has a sort of dreamy surrealistic atmospheare but much more powerful. There's an incredible balance between quietness and fear.

Anonymous said...

I really really love it... he can do some great fashion photographs! When Anna throw Joe zee out.... xD hahahaha

munetaka tokuyama said...


Jules said...

I love this post,i enjoy it so much..
Great post friend,u made my day complete.;D
Have a nice day too.=)

jeffhahn said...

Absolutely incredible!

Unknown said...

That was amazing..;D
I love it, thanks for sharing it.

50two said...

everyone sure hates the guy in the denim shorts.

great photos :)

Val said...

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Billy Kidd said...

WTF! dude, that's awesome!

Dudù (Schimera Antonio) said...

Wonderfull said...

HAHAHAHA, this is so funny, lovely. It fantastic!
The best is when she is throwing him!

Julia said...

Kanye posted these in his blog awhile back, still mind blowing and amazing.

(ray)mond said...

simply wow,
fun viewing

My name is Masculin. said...

Oh My God! :-O

Paul said...

Stunning photos!

ELVIA said...
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