Feb 8, 2009





Unknown said...

Good morning Nicola,
I found your contact on your web site.
I like very much your way of working and so I write you to ask you some informations.
I'm Chiara Dattola and I'm an illustrator.
I tried to write to your e-mail but is full so you can view something of mine to http://www.saatchi-gallery.co.uk/illustrators/index.php?inc=details&id=96055.
I work for Corriere della Sera, Sole24ore, and other italian journals and italian magazines.
But I would like to propose my illustration to some japanis magazines.
As you look at my book do you think that I caould propose something to ... who?
Vogue homme Japan? or ?
Thank you very very much and I hope you not to loose too much time with me.
Best regards

Boré said...

these reminded me of your styling in DAZED 'sex me up ' issue .

Tina Rink said...

Hi Nico
hope all is well-
I like the idea with your shirts!!!
hope 2 see you at LFW again soon
kisses from berlino

panama said...

Ooooh I love UNIQLO and I love your designs! cheers! ;)

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Term papers said...

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