Oct 14, 2008


he passed away this saturday, oct 11th, at age 20.

randy at levis's shoot in belgium

hedi slimane / dior homme



Anonymous said...

I think he's playing drums in the sky, Nicola...


Jeaniuss said...

uhm nicola i think you misspelled his name...

Anonymous said...

thats so sad

U_MAG said...


Phyllis Nefler said...

so sad, he was so young...

Raul Bonatiu said...

rest in peace!

Anonymous said...

this breaks my heart. After I saw his Dior homme F/W 07campaign outside a Dior store in Tokyo, I was so inspired that I went out searching for agencies. I actually found one, and am living my dream. i wish I could thank him.

鬼兒 said...

aww....... he was one of my favor model from Dior Homme....


(ray)mond said...

yng lyf ):

Anonymous said...

how come,after all???

VAz said...

Rany was 20 when he died of an accidental drug overdose, I knew him and loved him very musch.He was a great guy and I'll never get over the loss.

Anonymous said...

vaz..........why cant you leave anything positive on any of the sites you write on about randy. a good friend you say?

Anonymous said...

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