Aug 7, 2008

LEVI'S 501


Levi’s® 501® Jean Goes Global With New Look

The world’s most worn, best-loved jean – the ultimate straight leg, button-fly Levi’s® 501® jean – gets an updated look and is set for a global launch this August.Based on the original 1947 501® cut, the overall fit has also been made youthful with a slimmer and straighter cut – all achieved without losing the comfort that comes with wearing a pair of 501® jeans. Levi’s® 501® jeans will be introduced in new vintage-inspired finishes ranging from minimally – to mid-worn and in mid to dark tones.

The man tasked with defining the look of the Levi’s® 501® campaign prints is Japanese-Italian fashion director Nicola Formichetti, known to renowned stylists and fashion insiders for his sophisticated understanding of global youth culture and his ability to capture the essence of contemporary cool.

Under his direction, the prints for the campaign are effortlessly sensual shots of Josh Beech, charismatic 22-year-old lead singer of British alternative rock band, Snish. Shot by New York-based photographer David Vasiljevic, the campaign is a composite of striking, stripped down black-and-white portraits of Josh Beech. He is pictured wearing 501® jeans and a tee, or with just intricate tattoo work – the name of his band on a wrist, a pair of eyes on the neck, and three stars on the forearm – on his naked skin.


Victor Abarca Ramos said...

Hi! i saw your blogspot and i've to say that i like it!! it's quite good! photos and writing...
Levi's...i've got a 501 in the closet and i don't usualy use it. i don't like it very much. (it's very difficult to speak in english, sorry if it isn't good enought). El talle de los levis 501 es demasiado alto para mi gusto (501 are very high).


pd.: i like your camera! :)

Chris said...

Hi Nicola... I'm a BIG fan of your work! I really admire the fact that you're one of the VERY few stylists out there who are pushing the envelopes - with your edgy and creative sensibility. I'm an aspiring stylist and would love for you to be my mentor...


..... said...

josh is in the mood of becomin one of the most looked after boys !!! i guess i'd love to see a cover with josh, luke worrall and cole mohr !! rock is hot !! please do this for dazed & confused

G. said...

Fantastics photos & amazing, your job!
I have take a look most usual to your blogspot, cos yours styling´s are so interesting.

don´t loose this "magic" that you have!!!


La Girl

Anonymous said...
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