Nov 27, 2010


looking for upcoming photographers and stylists mainly in china, korea and japan. but also in southeast asia...for mens fashion

also interesting artists/creators/muscians etc.




Andeerooo! said...

hi! My name is Andrew and i'm an artist! I am of chinese decent and i live in australia. You did say "mainly" from asia and australia's still pretty close :D im curious to see what this is all about. I'm still a student but there's no such thing as being too young to accomplish big things right?

Kind regards,

Andeerooo! said...

if you're looking for an asian photographer' i would suggest Zhang Jinga. You can check out some of her works at
She has some pretty amazing stuff

Once again, kind regards


Cory said...

Hey Nicola,
do you know NINCOMPOOP CAPACITY in Koenji, Tokyo? I guess they fall into the stylist/creator category.

sonny said...


love to shoot some more men, got a great team of stylists here in Sydney and opportunity to explore the great and many locations in Australia to serve as a backdrop for shoots.
Plus, we ( stylist & I ) plan to do a bit of traveling across to Shanghai in the next year as well.
We should definitely talk more about this.
See you soon



rumpshaker said...

I love love love the Korean group, EE

August Casati said...

Not Asia Based but a kick ass stylist!!! Check Out the uber Haute
I found her on google...dope!
Do I get a finder's fee?

joy said...

Photographer [India]

joy said...

Stylist [India]

BT&C said...

Hi Nicola i digg ya work :)
I'm a young photographer from LA but I'm Chinese and can travel to Taiwan/Japan/China.
Here is a link of my work:

All the best,

unsaid words! said...

i'm not a pro photographer and live in Indonesia. there's few great photographer here such as Anton Ismael, Luki Ali or Nicoline Patricia Malina.

but if i have a chance to work with you, it'll be a great opportunity and experience for me.

jeffhahn said...

I'm originally from Hong Kong and am going back there next month for a month. xx

thwany said...


Arseto said...

Love to shoot mens fashion..
Based in Jakarta & Bali, work arround south asia such as KL, Singapore, Thailand and etc

lnz72 said...

Nice to meet you Nicola.
I'm based in Tokyo, please have a look at my portfolio.

Nesh said...

One of the Best Upcoming Fashion Photographer in China is Paul PJ Cheng! He is based in Beijing, You should for sure contact him! Find more of his work here; and Here;

Anonymous said...

Paul PJ Cheng also works with Norwegion fashion stylist Neshat Golparvar and Mikaela Edri from Sweden on Chalk:

b for bhisan said...

hi. bhi here. :)

Jason said...

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. said...

hey singapore might be small but there are a few talents out there. here are some photographers which are really rad:
oh and my fav photographer that i worked with:


Prad Savania said...

Shoe designer(uk) of indian heritage! X

K said...
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K said...

I am a new male pop artist releasing an album in Japan in March 2011. I will be there for promo In April to do all the music festivals. I'm finishing the album now, would love for you to hear it & tap your creative mind to bring the visuals together.

I'm totally legit...had an album released worldwide in 2007. Google KEVIN MICHAEL...or look me up on youtube or iTunes.

weddingdresses said...

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Aldi Indrajaya said...

My experiences still premature but hey I'm heavy follower of you and love to work with you, based in Indonesia, Southeast Asia YAY!

SWA said...


Enzo said...

All you said, in here ===>

Brian said...

Nicola, I'm an artist and I produce my own music. Just released my debut album

I look forward to collaborating with someone of your caliber on the visual presentation of my music.

Interested? thanks for listening :)

peace and love,

Anonymous said...

- singapore based -

Anonymous said...

Hi,I am a stylist and makeup artist based in Shanghai.please check my portfolio on
If u need me, please contact me via my email-, thx!

Frances said...

China, Taiwan, and HK ...have to be Titi Kwan. Though she is already well known in the region, she has yet to garner real international acclaim. woohoo asian pride! haha

replicas said...

chinese decent and i live in australia. You did say "mainly" from asia and australia's still pretty close :D im curious to see what this is all about. I'm still a student but there's no such thing as

cheap software

Anonymous said...

Valorie Marie, a Jewelry Designer from Manila Philippines.

Kenneth Park said...

I need work!!!! use me!!!!!

anna said...

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Anonymous said...

China, Shanghai



Jasper said...

e-mail @ PLEASE!

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