Feb 1, 2009

The Cold Song - KLAUS NOMI


major crisis said...

Hi. I'm RCXY (pronounced as ahr-see) from rcxyb.com
i'm a blogger/stylist as well.

i have a few questions for you which i will post in my blog to share with my fellow Flip-pinos.

i'm wishing and praying to 8 different saints that i get answers from all of these questions (hopefully hehe):

here they go:

1. i'm a big fan of your works. i think you are one hell of a provocateur. you push visual limits to the extreme to the extent that its redefining how covers and editorials are beginning to look like now. where did all these ideas come from?

2.what is it with you which makes the magazines say yes to your ideas? it's admirable

3.i know you're tired of this question but i gotta know, what inspires you as an artist? your motivation?

4. this is personal but you can just share what you think is necessary, how was your childhood? i ask this because formative years affects who and what we are now.

5.what was life before becoming a stylist and how do you see yourself after?

6.tell me your experience working with 'the' hedi slimane?

7.care to share the creative process involved in coming up with an editorial the nicola formichetti way?

8.i am a stylist myself and i'm always squeezing my brains out of what the future of fashion would look like and it seems that you already have the grasp of the future in your brains and in your hands. how did you manage that?

9.define 'now' or the present?

10. stylists are once considered as the unsung heroes. Do you think that the statement is still applicable nowadys?

11. will you ever do me a favor of photographing (even with a point and shoot cam) ash, jethro and cole holding a piece of paper with "i heart RCXY" scribbled on it? hahaha. this is optional but i'll be forever indebted :)

12. and lastly, will you marry me? hahaha

EauDeVie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
EauDeVie said...

Hi,I'm Eaudevie from China.
I'm eager to become a stylist, please give me some advice that what should I pay attention to...

Andrea said...

pelle d'oca. non ho parole.

Giancinephile said...

Klaus Nomi is truly something. He's persona is just sooooooooooo enigmatic.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Keep on posting such stories. I like to read blogs like this. Just add more pics :)

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