Dec 22, 2008



jORGE CANTOS said...

i.M sure i.d be the first one to erase those ugly words from the lines of my blog if anybody wrote them, but after that erasing act, i find myself unable to know if my intentions were understood.

i lIVE as connected to internet as the rest of people of an age close to mine. i sPEND an interesting part of my time typing series of words that end by .com, .es, .org and other monosyllable terminations like those. tHE cowardice of those who, behind the display of their personal computers, critizice the good or bad work that others do has always been undeniable to me... it.s very easy to attack and critizice anyone with the face all covered up.
wITH this new invention of personal blogs, i think this issue has become more notable, it.s enough to visit any popular blog... always full of anonymous messages filled up with a pretended hatred which to me seems more than questionable... someone who hates something, just doesn.t take the time to look at or visit it over and over again.
i tHOUGHT about making fun of that behavior and by that, take a closer look of how does all this business of hating work.

i dON.T know your work for a very long time, but since the very day i found your blog and started to swim deeper and deeper into what you do been completely blinded by it. i hAVE an event called 'great industry' inside my iPhoto library [it.s where i keep all gorgeous fashion images i find around] guess who's work you can find all over it...

i jUST wanted to make sure you understand that - weird that it seems - my .kind. words where actually trying to praise the great and absolutely beautiful work you do, and they where not just crap from some asshole... ,: ]

[ ]



guapo! said...

Hey Nicola:
How long are you staying in nyc?
I'm from Perú and I'm going to spend new year's eve in the city.
I would like to meet you if it's okay with you :P.
Hope you write me back!

Anonymous said...

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i lIVE as connected to internet as the rest of people of an age close to mine. i sPEND an interesting part of my time typing series of words that end by .com, .es, .org and other monosyllable terminations like those.

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