Mar 24, 2008

my first t-shirt for Uniqlo

photo - mariano vivanco
graphic- remi paringaux
model- luke worrall


Made Up Apparel said...

great work

Ivan Bontchev said...

man, u made this boy
what he's today!

we could grow up together said...

the t-shirt is FERosh! and luke is like this devilish angel! and please dont forget me nicola!

marie said...

i want this shirt soooo badly!! where can i get it?!

krista said...

hi! my name is krista and i was just wondering if you sell any of the luke shirts yourself
because uniqlo doesnt carry it online and i donr live in or near new york to see if they have it in store.
if you could please email me
and let me know i would really appreciate it

Anonymous said...


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